Trademarking common words is on the rise

It seems ever since #cockygate flooded the author community there have been more and more unknown authors rushing to trademark commonly used words to secure their "safety nets" for their work. Often, these authors claim to have a reader's best interests at heart but to many, it boils down deeper than that. Recently, an author [...]

Hated author strives to play at people’s hearts, Fails big time due to all the awesome chesticles powers

  This showed up last night on my timeline through the retweeting and commenting of others. Many of us waited in anticipation for this "real story" to come to light, of which is to be public and yet again, we are still waiting. There are some things about this I want to address. First, Faleena [...]

Cocky War: It’s on now

  These past several I've been in a heated moment with authors against another unknown author who trademarked the word "cocky" and who then threatened other authors for using it in their titles. Well, now she's suing the IP attorney Kevin Kneupper for filing to cancel her trademark and her lawyer has filed a restraining [...]

Trademarking: Please Stop It

Every day it seems authors wake up to a new trademark that has been filed. The questions come out and the panic sets in. Who can blame us? After what Faleena Hopkins (See #Cockygate) did to many authors, we are certainly on edge. The trademark filings just keep rolling in. Our questions deserve an adequate [...]

What the hell is it with perfect characters?

I love a good book. I mean who doesn't? I love characters that are empowering, strong-willed, and able to continue on after a hard time in their life. But I fucking hate absolutely perfect characters. Excuse me if I come off as rude here, but seriously think about it for a minute. You're planning to [...]

Book covers for Storm: The Last Aleantylar

  These are the book covers for Storm: The Last Aleantylar. One cover is for the paperback and the other for the E-book. Some of you may be wondering what Storm: The Last Aleantylar is about. Storm: The Last Aleantylar is the second book in my Warriors series. Here is a short synopsis: When sixteen-year-old [...]

The Warriors: Crimson Chaos Giveaway

Do you want a free copy of my YA contemporary fantasy novel? How about a signed copy? Two lucky winners will get that chance! Details here!