Ethical Authors vs Unethical Authors

This blog will feature two such topics: Ethical authors and Unethical Authors.

Hated author strives to play at people’s hearts, Fails big time due to all the awesome chesticles powers

  This showed up last night on my timeline through the retweeting and commenting of others. Many of us waited in anticipation for this "real story" to come to light, of which is to be public and yet again, we are still waiting. There are some things about this I want to address. First, Faleena [...]

Book covers for Storm: The Last Aleantylar

  These are the book covers for Storm: The Last Aleantylar. One cover is for the paperback and the other for the E-book. Some of you may be wondering what Storm: The Last Aleantylar is about. Storm: The Last Aleantylar is the second book in my Warriors series. Here is a short synopsis: When sixteen-year-old [...]

The Warriors: Crimson Chaos Giveaway

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