Ethical Authors vs Unethical Authors

This blog will feature two such topics: Ethical authors and Unethical Authors.

Honest Reviewing

I am the type of person who believes in honest reviewing. Most people think that honest reviewing means you need to type up a long critique of a novel you've read but the truth is you don't. An honest review is one that shows the author whether you truly liked their book or didn't. It [...]

Book covers for Storm: The Last Aleantylar

  These are the book covers for Storm: The Last Aleantylar. One cover is for the paperback and the other for the E-book. Some of you may be wondering what Storm: The Last Aleantylar is about. Storm: The Last Aleantylar is the second book in my Warriors series. Here is a short synopsis: When sixteen-year-old [...]

The Warriors: Crimson Chaos Giveaway

Do you want a free copy of my YA contemporary fantasy novel? How about a signed copy? Two lucky winners will get that chance! Details here!