Changes to the blog

As you know, this has been a blog for varying topics, mostly for issues that affect authors and readers. I am still intending to post about things such as that but there will be changes to this blog. I am going to attempt to make an author website out of this WordPress site and the [...]


Authors can be assholes

Before I became proactive on Twitter I was ignorant of how authors could truly be. In these last few months, I had a rude awakening to that fact and it left me in a state of shock, disbelief, and anger. Mostly it opened my eyes to the author's world in that it is truly not [...]

Fire and Ice

This past week has been a major eye-opener for me. In a lot of it, I was very hurt by some of the actions of others. I still am but I am trying to learn from it and to find out why these things happened. They say there is a reason for everything, but sometimes [...]

Amazon inhibits book reviews

Amazon is a confusing company. On the one side, it is a convenient place to find and purchase those hard to find items for a decent price that you wouldn't find elsewhere. Prices are usually reasonable and delivery of the product you purchase is quick. In recent times though, Amazon has gone through several stages [...]