Fire and Ice

This past week has been a major eye-opener for me. In a lot of it, I was very hurt by some of the actions of others. I still am but I am trying to learn from it and to find out why these things happened. They say there is a reason for everything, but sometimes [...]


Trademarking common words is on the rise

It seems ever since #cockygate flooded the author community there have been more and more unknown authors rushing to trademark commonly used words to secure their "safety nets" for their work. Often, these authors claim to have a reader's best interests at heart but to many, it boils down deeper than that. Recently, an author [...]

Why bookstuffers hurt the industry

These past few weeks have been a double battle fighting against trademark bullies and lately bookstuffers. It seems like a neverending battle and at this point it really is. The movements #cockygate and #GETLOUD have been set up to bring awareness to these problems and to provide truth and education to the misinformed and to [...]