Fire and Ice

This past week has been a major eye-opener for me. In a lot of it, I was very hurt by some of the actions of others. I still am but I am trying to learn from it and to find out why these things happened. They say there is a reason for everything, but sometimes [...]


The ravings of a mad man does not dissuade the writing community who fights back

The #amquerying tag on Twitter drew the obsession of a particular desire to make one's presence known in the worst way possible. Click to read more.

Reviewing books on Amazon equals mass frustration

Months ago I began following an author by the name of Nancy A Lopes and learned she had a book out called The Daywalker Chronicles. It was around the time when the whole cockygate business started, and to support numerous authors affected by this previous trademark of cocky as well as new authors I've not [...]

Trademarking common words is on the rise

It seems ever since #cockygate flooded the author community there have been more and more unknown authors rushing to trademark commonly used words to secure their "safety nets" for their work. Often, these authors claim to have a reader's best interests at heart but to many, it boils down deeper than that. Recently, an author [...]

Reflective attacking is pointless when done by trolls.

Sockygate, ahem, I mean the #getloud movement has taken on a whole new level where bookstuffers in the guise of legitimate authors and concerned readers have come to attack genuine legitimate authors, thereby discrediting them and making false accusations against them to further silence them. These accusations have included doxxing, bullying, sending threatening letters, hacking [...]