Revisiting the Past-Part 2

Days passed and then I think weeks. I tried to maintain a semblance of normlacy. It wasn't easy. When I finally felt I could no longer keep silent about what Rutter, Geiger, Hunter, and Blackburn had done to me, I made my private blog "Fuck it" public. A reader commented on my blog post and [...]


Revisiting the Past- Part 1

These last few months have been very stressful and quite depressing. I've been the victim of a group attack, told to keep quiet, talked about, and lied about. Every day I wondered why the former group I was in betrayed me. Why did they make up lies about me and attack me? The same night [...]

Changes to the blog

As you know, this has been a blog for varying topics, mostly for issues that affect authors and readers. I am still intending to post about things such as that but there will be changes to this blog. I am going to attempt to make an author website out of this WordPress site and the [...]

Authors can be assholes

Before I became proactive on Twitter I was ignorant of how authors could truly be. In these last few months, I had a rude awakening to that fact and it left me in a state of shock, disbelief, and anger. Mostly it opened my eyes to the author's world in that it is truly not [...]