The Warriors: Crimson Chaos
YA Contemporary Fantasy

Eight teenagers with powerful, supernatural abilities must undergo training by the eccentric mystic Chinook to wage war against Tutock, the god of evil before San Francisco falls into his hands permanently. But Flash Michaels, Thunder Copiel, Shades Thopho, Scorpio Lapine, T-boz Rabbiel, Snow and Ice Thornton, and Chilie Davids are inexperienced and uncooperative. They have only less than one year to prepare for their first battle, except Tutock’s power is increasing, and their fears and distrust may allow the god to get what he desires. They must find a way to overcome their fears and defeat the god by participating in the dangerous training whether they want to or not.

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Dick Cockee
Adult (Erotica) Flashfiction

Dick Cockee has his eyes set on Desiree Hooker, his next door neighbor. She must want him just as bad because she wouldn’t be undressing in front of him. He’s going to enjoy putting himself in … Well, you get the idea. Also, this is a flash fiction erotica piece. Further, it probably really really sucks…



Super George: The Cocky Sockpuppet
Adult Comedy

George Stuffing was just a regular sockpuppet until one day he comes across a group of sockpuppets harassing Tattles, a pretty lady sockpuppet. Interfering into their business, he finds out that these harassing sockpuppets are cottoners deliberately sabotaging wool products with cotton to sell to consumers at a much higher price.

George finds himself unable to stay away and puts his stuffing in the business of fighting for sockygate and going up against the scheming cottoners to put an end to their cheating, scamming ways. With his cape and his cockiness, Super George is ready to fight against them, but a team up with Tattles may have him just slightly distracted. Can he put an end to the cottoners and save the Stitches factory where wool products are made?