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Dealing with Death

Revisiting the Past


Changes to the blog

Authors can be assholes

Fuck it, I’m putting it out there

The ravings of a mad man

Three types of publishing

Twitter needs change

Amazon inhibits book reviews

Reviewing books on Amazon

It’s not easy

Let’s get something straight

Trademarking common words

Reflective attacking is pointless

We were not bullying Faleena Hopkins

Sorry, but you’re not hacking me

When trolls attack

Staying ahead of the bookstuffers

Suzan Tisdale: Scottish Historical Romance Author

Why bookstuffers hurt the industry

Why trademarking affects you

Ethical authors vs unethical authors

My thoughts on “A Letter to My Past Self”

Hated author strives to play at people’s hearts, Fails big time due to all the awesome chesticles powers

Readers are not unsophisticated

Cocky War: It’s on now

Trademarking: Please Stop It

Trademark Battles

“Readers Get Confused.” Um… no…no we don’t.

Reader Beware: Don’t Pirate Books

No remorse and deceit

There’s a difference between cyber-bullying and outrage

I’d give this a title, but I’m so mentally fucked up after watching Faleena’s video that my brain has died and I think looking at my dog’s ass would have been worth more of my time.

Cocky is fast becoming a popular word

Honest Reviewing

Provoking a thought

I want to write, but I need my muse!