The ravings of a mad man does not dissuade the writing community who fights back

The #amquerying tag on Twitter drew the obsession of a particular desire to make one’s presence known in the worst way possible. Click to read more.

The #amquerying tag on Twitter drew the obsession of a particular desire to make one’s presence known in the worst way possible. You may have noticed those tweets that disparaged agents, publishers, and women.  You may have also noticed these particular tweets occurred multiple times a day and were the most common types of tweets previously found on the amquerying trend.

A recurrent question swept through the writing community in hopes of understanding the motives behind those actions. Tweet after tweet showed a disgruntled reaction with the intention of dragging others down through the mud. Misery loves company rings true for this particular individual. Some say that they sought attention, but perhaps it’s because they failed at what they most desired and decided to take it out on the entire writing community.

How does this occur? Through the use of purple prose in the form of insults, miseducation, lies, libel actions, racist comments,  and vulgar insults to women. It is a mystery why such a person would result to this. Perhaps their mouth is simply bigger than a cock and the only type of pleasure they could gain was to resort to typical junior high school insults, such as calling an author a slut. This is typical of a person who claims to be happy in life but deep down is the complete opposite.


For months this person had been a thorn in the side of many in the writing community continously attacking successful authors and attempting to scare away new writers. The reason for this is because of his own failure at success. He failed and his book was unsuccessful. Thus he took it out on many others in the community, wanting their failure to match his own, or for them to give up writing entirely. At the same token, there seems to be a direct correlation to this person and authors of a distinct past. The mentions of authors from long ago drives forward a point that at one time writing was quite different compared to today.

In the past, authors used purple prose, Old and Middle English; words did not mean the same as they do now. For example, gay back then meant happy and today it has a multitude of meanings. We even have new words that would seem foreign to our ancestors. This does not mean that our evolved language is wrong or that we should be ashamed of it. As @MR Rutter recently threaded language is evolving and we should be proud to have such a beautiful and intricate language that we can use to communicate our thoughts to each other.

But this person, who has just today (Nov 2nd, 2018) been suspended from Twitter, virused his way through the #amquerying and #amwriting trends, posting false information, discouraging new authors, and launching attacks on successful people. When the community fought back against this troll his attacks became more direct against a numerous few and he took to keeping score against his psuedo victories. These pseudo victories were at best an attempt of self-glorification. This sciolist created several different types of tweets in addition to insults. Some of these were mistranslations of Latin, references to authors of long ago, and constant repeat of previous tweets of all of the above, including the insults.


Other tweets involved blaming others for his involvement in the tweets. Case in point, any time someone tweeted on the amquerying and amwriting trends, he would make a response. This process caused Twitter to automatically tag him every time someone else responded to the same tweet. A normal person would have just ignored or removed themselves from these tweets.


Yet, this person did not and constantly abused, accused, and attacked many in the community. His attempts of discouraging the writing community, even going as far as to say there was no community, based on a belief of those writers of a distant past who were solitary writers. Franz Kafka, mentioned once by the person of interest, was a writer who believed writers led solitary lives but he lived at a time when the Internet was not in existence.

Today,  because communication has grown thanks to the evolvement of telecommunications, a writing community has formed and there are close knit groups of friendships within it. Authors and readers have come together like never before. The attempts to pull writers into the belief that writing is a solitary one is a psychological manuever to destroy it. Why destroy it though? Why discourage writers? Why attack agents, publishers, and successful authors?

There are many theories as to why, which are in the beginning of this blog, this person has behaved in Twitter the way he has. Certainly he is an interesting case for many but we can remember that unhappiness is a weed. When that unhappiness is watered and nurtured it grows. This is why we strive for positivity in the community.

We encourage writers to reach out to each other, to build budding relationships, and to never give up on their dreams on becoming successful writers. It may not happen with the first book and it may not happen the way we most desire, but there is one thing we have above the suspended troll of Twitter. We have each other. We can share truths of writing advice and encourage each other in ways like never before. We do not need to listen to the ramblings of an unsatisfied and unhappy individual and we do not need to take his untruths as truth and we do not need to feel discouraged by him. We can keep on doing the best we can.

So the next time this individual appears in any shape or form of a new account, or if another like him posts disaparaging tweets that puts you down or spreads rumors or falsifications of another, do yourself a favor. Block such a person and continue to be the best damn writer you can be.


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