Dear Jeff Bezos and Amazon Co., I was denied my right to review a book I bought on Amazon.

Dear Mr. Jeff Bezos and Amazon Co.,

I hope you are well today. I am not well and in fact, I haven’t been the past few days. Bear with me, please, as I explain. Months ago I bought a book titled The Daywalker Chronicles by author Nancy A. Lopes. When I went to review it for the first time a few days ago, I received an automatic rejection telling me my initial review was denied because of bias. Naturally, I was bewildered because I had never before attempted to review the book until that moment and there was no bias, and I took it to Twitter. @Amazonhelp got in touch with me and when I explained to them what happened they told me that “being linked to an author can contribute to bias.”

This naturally caused an uproar among the community. Nowhere in your guidelines does it state following an author on social media prevents one from reviewing. After many people responding to their tweet, @Amazonhelp apologized for the incorrect tweet and stated it was because my Amazon account was related to the author’s Amazon account.

This was equally baffling and frustrating because the author and I bear no personal relationship to each other and our accounts are not connected in any shape or form. We are both authors, yes, but that should not deny my right to review a book I bought. Authors are readers too and have the right to review, as per free speech. Amendment 1. To claim there is a bias between the author and me is complete libel and I am furious it has amounted to this.

I am requesting that you take a look into your system and check that the guidelines are intact and to ensure they are fair. An author should not be denied the right to review another author’s book nor should a reader be denied the right to review a book by an author they are following. @Amazonhelp needs to respond correctly without false information because that is misleading and misrepresenting your company.  Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I hope to see some positive action soon.

Lissa Gromley.



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