It’s not easy

It’s not easy being an author


Being an author isn’t easy. Sure, it sounds fun to just sit down and pump out words to form the story that you created in the back of your mind. And those play times with your dolls and dragon figurines back in your childhood days inspired much for your writing, alongside your favorite authors and favorite books. Yes, writing a story is fun and we try to make it be. But, it’s a lot of work too. There are days I can pump out words like no one’s business and then there are days when I sit back and wonder what the hell I’m doing. Sometimes, it becomes rather maddening when you run into issues such as people trademarking common words, book thieves, scammers, and a lot of other legal issues that have arisen in the authors’ world.

There are even those who would take advantage of an author desperate to get their foot in the door. I’ve lost count of how many emails I received promising to review and promote my book on their website for $99.99 or some other price. I’m a suspicious person by nature and the idea of paying this much for a single review from someone is mind-blowing to me. Why pay $99 something for someone I don’t know to read and review my book when I’m giving them a free arc? Doesn’t make much sense to me.

For the most part, authors do a lot of the work themselves to get their name and their books noticed. Aside from writing, there is the undaunting task of editing and marketing. Some authors are able to pay for these services, while others are able to find someone willing to do it free of charge. And then there are those who are limited income and need to do everything on their own, which cuts into their limited funds to market themselves.

Promotional tools such as flyers, word of mouth, building a street team, creating a mailing list, joining author and reader groups, creating an author website are just a few things an author does to get noticed. But sometimes, this isn’t always enough. I once wondered what I could do that I haven’t tried to get my book more noticed. The answer lied in the simple fact that I need to write more and get more books out. This is just a start though.  All of it can feel overwhelming, particularly for someone who has a lot on their plate already and for those who are just starting out.

Sometimes we get interrupted in our work. When situations arise that have us fighting against those who would cheat the system, steal our work and ideas, scam other authors and readers, it becomes almost impossible for us to write and publish our work. Our writing is usually delayed in this because we have to step up to the chaos and sort it out so that honest readers and honest authors can remain a circle of entertainment and support.

Before you start thinking that authors have it easy, look back on my previous blog posts on recent issues and consider that perhaps we really don’t. I wish we did though. Many authors, myself included, would just love it if all we had to do was worry about writing. It’s just not that simple these days.

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