When trolls attack

The #getloud movement along with its many identifying tags has increased in popularity as fast as the movements for #cockygate and #Tiffanygate



The #getloud movement along with its many identifying tags has increased in popularity as fast as the movements for #cockygate and #Tiffanygate. You wouldn’t think of there being a connection between them, but step back and examine both issues and you may just see it. Recently on Twitter, there has been a barrage of attacks against campaigners of #getloud by the scammers, bookstuffers, and trolls in the hopes of chasing them away or shutting them up for good.

These attacks warrant a wanted reaction but serve no purpose other than to make the trolls, bookstuffers, and scammers appear like desperate fools without education. Some of these attacks have been directed against [[name redacted by request]], who has been accused of the following:

  • Brainwashing their fellow “sockpuppets”
  • Stuffing their socks into members of their cult’s mouth
  • Having a clickfarm themselves
  • Being vicious and angry
  • Training an army of followers in their Youtube videos
  • Wanting to eliminate the competition so they can become the top pregnant by the sheik author (<- How the hell does this even make sense?)

I can assure anyone reading this she is not doing any of the above. What is being said in opposition to bookstuffing and against scammers are in fact directly by those who are sick and tired of the shit occurring in the book world. No one was brainwashed and no one was forced to post anything for [[redacted]], just in case someone gets that little idea in their head.

[[Redacted]] isn’t the only one the trolls are attacking. Many other authors have been attacked by these trolls who could very well be bookstuffers and scammers posing as #getloud campaigners. “You will know them by their fruits” rings true in these actions quite clearly. Most of these attacks make less sense than putting a gallon of milk in a cupboard, but at least putting the milk in the cupboard isn’t intentional. Discrediting legitimate authors, no matter if they are indie or traditional, is the one attack these trolls have resorted to.

To many of us, these actions are indeed laughable and worthy of mockery while putting the truth out there. The real truth. Genuine research is your friend and so is testing everything that is said or claimed. Science tells you to test everything and likewise, you should test a person’s words for facts or fiction.

It is my belief and perhaps the belief of many that these trolls could very well be strong advocates of bookstuffing and scamming or are also very likely bookstuffers and scammers themselves. The main goal for any of them is to rip out the competition. Faleena Hopkins tried it and others of like-mind are attempting to follow in her footsteps in their own little devious ways.

There are other ways trolls can and will attack, and some of those ways are either discrediting, spreading harmful rumors, sowing discord between campaigners, posing as concerned campaigners only to get what they want from you before selling you out directly, creating false accounts in your name and using you to discredit others, and so on (I have not yet seen any creating false accounts in anyone’s name, but as hacking personal accounts is prominent this would not surprise me and it shouldn’t surprise you either. It’s always best to remain wary of such a possibility occurring).

So why are the trolls attacking? The simplest response is they want to engage anyone they can into a full-blown argument. As long as campaigners are too busy fighting the trolls they’ll be too busy reporting stuffed books and/or speaking out against them.  And this is true for some of us. Sometimes we can’t help but argue back because it’s boiled our blood. We want to prove them wrong on everything they say that we know or believe to be false. Sometimes this is necessary but not to the point of obsession that we forget what’s truly important. The fight against bookstuffing and the fight against trademarking common words.

Keep vigilant and don’t let the trolls scare you into submitting silence to them. Don’t let them keep you in an endless, pointless argument that goes nowhere. If you find their posts to be questionable, i.e. claims of brainwashing, working for the government, etc, reconsider engaging them. Test all facts, ask questions, get answers from reliable sources. As always test those answers until you can prove them to satisfaction.


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