Cocky War: It’s on now



These past several I’ve been in a heated moment with authors against another unknown author who trademarked the word “cocky” and who then threatened other authors for using it in their titles.

Well, now she’s suing the IP attorney Kevin Kneupper for filing to cancel her trademark and her lawyer has filed a restraining order against the cancellation of the trademark. (Don’t ask me how that works, because I don’t have a clue). In addition, she’s suing the author Tara Cresent and Jennifer Watson.

This lawsuit is nothing more than a SLAAP against Kevin for fighting for authors and readers because she’s butthurt. What’s funny about this is that she opened the lawsuit the moment the attention began focusing on other authors for also stupidly trademarking their titles or a word that doesn’t belong to only them.

I’m asking everyone to share this information. Do not be silent. Speak out against this lawsuit. Speak out against Faleena Hopkins. She can’t be allowed to silence us any longer.
#Authors and #readers never let Faleena Hopkins silence you. We are stronger together. Shout it out to the public that you will not stand for what she is doing to @kneupperwriter, Tara Cresent, and Jennifer Watson. Make videos. Post blogs. Do what you must! Speak out! #cockygate #byeFaleena #dontbeaFaleena #freethecocky #stopthecockblock

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